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Noise mapping (sound level modelling)

Create sound level models and noise maps for free in your browser. 

Add point sources, screening barriers, buildings and decibel receiver points with detailed frequency information. See the sound paths and how these are affecting the levels.  Interact with your model, modifying positions and parameters and see the calculation results instantly. 

Learn through experimentation how the calculations of ISO 9613 parts 1 and 2 are implemented and how they affect predicted levels.  Built into your browser, your model is stored in the location bar making it easy to save and share your interactive models with other people.

Start noise mapping - works in any modern web browser

The tool is still in development and we welcome your feedback

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Interactive sound level calculator

A decibel sound level calculator with interactive diagram for a single source of noise calculating sound attenuation due to:

  • propagation over a distance,
  • insertion of a barrier,
  • ground effect and
  • air absorption

using ISO 9613 methods of calculation.

Use the calculator - requires flash

Multiple noise sources calculator

Original noise calculator - combine up to 3 independent point sources of noise at different distances and durations.

Use the calculator - requires javascript