Overview of all noise tools

Noise mapping tool

Create sound level models and noise maps for free in your browser.

Add point sources, screening barriers, buildings and decibel receiver points with detailed frequency information. See the sound paths and how these are affecting the levels. Interact with your model, modifying positions and parameters and see the calculation results instantly.

Learn through experimentation how the calculations of ISO 9613 parts 1 and 2 are implemented and how they affect predicted levels. Built into your browser, your model is stored in the location bar making it easy to save and share your interactive models with other people.

Decibel calculator

For performing arithmetic on sound levels.

Perform basic arithmetic calculations on decibel sound levels including:

  • + addition
  • – subtraction
  • × multiplication
  • ÷ division
  • % percent

The calculator displays the formula involved in converting from decibel to linear.

There is also support for the use of your keyboard and numeric keypad similar to using the built-in calculator on your computer.