Changes (changelog)

Version 1.5

  • Compare two scenarios (subscription only)
  • Objects window
  • Ray-receiver breakdown
  • Export to KML file
  • Improved accessory lines styling
  • Styled contour lines
  • Language support

Version 1.4

  • Ground height lines (subscription only)
  • Building roof options
  • Barriers slope with ground level (subscription only)
  • Multi-heights
  • New PDF Report chart styles (subscription only)
  • New bitmap sizing handle
  • An extract of BS5228 sound power levels added
  • White receiver dots and “label off” option
  • DXF output now includes dB contours
  • Improved calculation method

Version 1.3

  • Receiver design option “Dot”
  • Export PDF Report (subscription only)
  • Bookmark viewpoints (subscription only)
  • Decimal precision option
  • ISO17534 lateral path recommendation option
  • Compressed URL

Version 1.2

  • Cross Section snap to a building facade (subscription only)
  • Sound level adjustment by +dB or “% on time”
  • Receiver “match grid height” option
  • Line source reflections added (subscription only)
  • Floating “add objects” toolbar
  • Improved DXF export and import

Version 1.1

  • Save images to user account (subscription only)
  • Manual adjustment of (x, y) coordinates.

Version 1.0

  • New subscription-only features added:
    • Line sources
    • Cross section mode
    • Ground levels and ground heights mode
    • 3D view
    • Snapshots feature – shortens URL and saves a thumbnail to user account.
    • Colour schemes saved to user account
    • Source levels saved to user account
    • Multi-threading (faster calculations)
    • Custom grid text linked to user account
    • Light theme option
  • Improved reflections method allows for screening along the entire path.
  • New vertical edge path finder. Finds up to two paths within the horizontal plane inclined along the source-to-receiver direct line.
    • Convex only path option added
  • New direct path option includes all barriers with top-edge diffraction as recommended in ISO 17534-3
  • Ground reflections options as recommended in ISO 17534-3
  • Google Static Maps improved with preview and edit zoom added

Version 0.5

  • Initial 2015 release

Updated August 2022