Software downloads

For more information about the dBMacros Excel Add-in for sound levels, visit the page at

Below is the link to download the latest version of the software:

Look for the dBMacros ribbon tab after installing

Problems installing?
Check that Excel is closed before running the installer.

Antivirus results

Unfortunately, the dBMacros installer including the Excel Add-in itself is now showing false positives for malware on This includes earlier versions that, when instructed to be “rescanned”, are now flagged as malicious despite previously being marked as safe.

The dBMacros Add-in uses code that:

  • Reads from and writes to the file system – this is for searching all the files within a folder and generating processed files from the raw sound level data.
  • Makes http requests – this is for checking the active license and file version.
  • Runs macros upon startup – this is for enabling graph interaction, function localization, keyboard shortcuts, etc.
  • Runs other files including executables – these include opening audio files, generating audio files (ffmpeg.exe) and uploading Webgraphs via FTP (WinSCP.exe)
  • Loads other Dynamically Linked Libraries (DLL) files – this is for performing the shell execution and http requests.

Any of these can be viewed as potentially malicious by AI malware detection. Attempts will be made to resolve these false positives, but it will take time.

In the meantime, the free functions can be downloaded separately as they do not have any of the code described above. This Excel Add-in file will need to be manually installed and will not automatically check for updates, so please regularly check back for newer versions:

Click here to download “dBFunctions - Excel Add-in”

dBfunctions.xlam – Version 9.4 – 75.33 KB